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Frequently Asked Questions about Foreign Study

If you have any queries related to higher studies abroad, StudyForeign will guide you with complete knowledge of Universities and their application procedure. For further details about our services, kindly get in touch with us. Thank You!

Q1. What is the difference in pursuing higher education in Germany and the USA?

The major difference between two destinations lies in the differences of the German and US education systems and Universities structure. Also the difference in fees structure plays a vital role in selecting the destination. Germany has zero tuition fees for most of the universities.

Q2. Which are the best ranked German universities in the field of Mechanical Engineering?

There is no ranking system as such in Germany for universities. The choice of university is made on the basis of course of study, location of university, nature of study such as practical oriented or research oriented, choice of city you want to study in and sometimes the size of university.

Q3. Do I need to know good German to pursue higher education in Germany?

No, you need not know German at all to study in Germany if your course is International or is taught in English. Mostly all the master degree programs are taught in English and do not mandate the knowledge of German, although it is always advised to learn basic German to get along with local culture and people.

Q4. Where do I get scholarship apart from University?

The best place to look for scholarships is German Research Foundation. Other way is, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Visit DAAD website for more information on scholarships.

Q5. What are the living cost & expenses in Germany?

The answer to this question may vary from university to university & from one city to another city. We recommend you to visit the chosen university website where the details about cost of living and other expenses are mentioned. Also, you can visit DAAD website for more information.

Q6. Is Computer Science a good option to pursue master’s degree from Germany?

Yes, Computer Science is a great option to pursue your master’s degree in Germany. There are a lot of universities offering Master’s course in Computer Science and IT field. Indeed, software engineers are in great demand in Germany at the moment.

Q7. What is the difference between Technical University and University of Applied Sciences?

The major difference between the two is in the approach of study. Technical University focuses on research work and theoretical approach of study. On the other hand, University of Applied Sciences focuses on practical approach and industrial implementation of study.

Q8. Can I work part time during my studies in Germany?

Yes, you can work part time during your studies in Germany. A foreign ( not citizen of EU & EEA member country) student studying full time in Germany is legally allowed to work a maximum of 120 full (240 half) days within a year.

Q9. What are the requirements and documents needed during enrolment in the university?

The basic documents required at the time of enrolment in the university are-

* Valid health insurance in Germany (you take one when you reach Germany)

* Offer letter of admission from University

* Receipt of payment of student organization and semester ticket

* Your passport with visa stamp on it

Q10. What are the requirements and documents needed at the time of visa processing?

You need to contact the German Embassy or visit their website for current checklist of documents required. In general, following documents are needed while applying for German Visa.

* Proof of your previous study grades

* Proof of your latest completed degree

* Proof of admission in any German University (offer letter from university)

* Proof of your health insurance

* Proof of sufficient financial aid to manage your stay in Germany (roughly €8000 per year)

* Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS)

* Proof of German language skills in case university and course demands.

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