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Information About Admission Requirements For Master’s Program In Germany!!

The basic document required for getting admission in a German university  is a bachelor’s degree.The Bachelor’s degree need not be from a German university but should be recognized by the German universities. For a more detailed review the universities can also investigate and cross check your degree to ensure its relevance. These processes involve review of […]


Why Should You Choose Germany For Your Career?

Germany – ” Land of Ideas ” , as they say. It is justified to call it so, as the best minds across the world accumulate here to study, research and work together to invent original and authentic ideas that keep technology updating . Although English is not the common spoken language, yet the land attracts […]


Why Study In Germany

Looking to study masters in Germany ? You have taken the right steps. Still confused ??  Why Germany?? Here are some of the points which will help you head to Germany. 1.  Study in English  Pursue your master’s degree in English as almost all universities offer courses in English language, so you can study in […]


Must Know About Germany…!! Part 1

More than a year in Deutschland, it has been an amazing experience both personally and academically. While I miss and remember a lot of  things back home,  there are lot of things here that  pleases and surprises me as well. Note that, these are the descriptions of my personal experiences and observations which are obviously […]