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Save Money And Money Will Save You!!

I have seen students who are excellent both in studies and in academics, who dream big, aspire to achieve heights, who want to study abroad, who want to grab their degrees from foreign universities,BUT SOMETIMES THEY FAIL !!

Yes! You guessed it right.. MONEY is the biggest hurdle which hinders their path. This blog is for all those who dream to get a degree from a foreign land.

Save Money These points will help you organize your stay in abroad in a simpler and affordable manner:

1. Choose A Country Where Tuition Fee Is A BIG Zero. While choosing a country to study abroad, always keep in mind that paying less or No Tuition Fee will help you keep a look at your budget and save a lot of bucks. GERMANY is one such country where you will have to pay NO TUITION FEE. So, plan wisely and choose accordingly.

2. Make A Budget & Follow It Strictly. Keep a rough record of your estimated expenses, pen it down somewhere or you can even make notes in your cellphones. Write down how much you will be spending in a month on Food, Books, Entertainment, Necessity, Daily needs, etc. Don’t forget to keep record of expenses to be made on your favorite pass time activities. This will not only help you keep an eye on your expenses but will also restrict you from spending heedlessly.

3. Prefer Walking To travelling By Vehicles. Cover small distances walking. Walking will not only involve you in some physical activity but will also help you save some bucks in your pocket. I would suggest you to walk whenever necessary and whenever needed. It will not only boost your stamina but will also keep your wallets full.

4. Always Purchase Second Hand Study Material. Purchasing second hand books, study magazines, journals, etc will help you save lots of money, which you might have spent purchasing new study kits. Now a days there are a number of shops which provide this facility, so grab the books in good condition at cheap rates.

5. Use Coupons & Keep An Eye On The Offers. Smart generation has made lives smarter. Use your mobile phones for correct purpose. Always search coupons be it for grocery, fast food, movies, clothing, study material or any other thing which you are planning to purchase. It will not only save your money but will also enable you to grab the best by spending less.

6. Cooking At Home Will Save A Lot of Bucks. Bring vegetables and eating stuff at home, cook and enjoy it alone or with your friends. It will not only help you eat hygienic food but will also save plenty of bucks from being spent and will also keep you busy. So, Eat healthy and Stay Healthy!

7. Keep In Touch With The Student Welfare Associations. Once you are in abroad you should stay connected with the Student Welfare Associations and other fund helping groups. They will not only help you provide money for you if you are needy but will also provide you scholarships if your performance will be outstanding. They will always help you financially and will act like a backbone to you in financial matter.

Hope these points help you to plan your studies in a better and meticulous way.. Stayed tuned to get more updates about studying abroad and especially Germany!

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