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Information About Admission Requirements For Master’s Program In Germany!!

The basic document required for getting admission in a German university  is a bachelor’s degree.The Bachelor’s degree need not be from a German university but should be recognized by the German universities.

For a more detailed review the universities can also investigate and cross check your degree to ensure its relevance. These processes involve review of course of content, cross examination of the degree and confirmation of your earned credits in the relevant areas.

It is also important to provide your high school graduate certificate which in Germany known as Arbitur, in case it is required. In case your certificate or diploma is not recognized, you should get it checked or verified to a German degree in order to get access to higher education in German universities. The German International Office is responsible to give recognition to foreign degrees to get admission to German universities.


Exceptions are there for talented candidates who apply for admission in the field of arts, music and related subjects. Students can get admission by only clearing a few required tests or providing their work samples as a proof of their talent. It is advised to check out the details before applying and preparing the checklists.

The fee for issuing the assessment document is approximately 200 Euros.

Other general admission requirements may include:

1 Transcript of Records issued from your undergraduate university.

2 Bachelor’s Degree Certificate.

3 Details of the secondary education- some competitive courses wish to see extracurricular & international experience in the candidate’s profile.

4 If the course is in English, proof of English proficiency is required through IELTS or TOEFL.

5 Other Test – for some competitive universities, you may be required to pass an entry test or take up a standardized postgraduate admission test. This is usually required for Law, Medicine and other related field of study in order to check the compatibility of your previous trainings. Some business schools also ask for a descent score in GRE or GMAT.

6 Interview – Very rarely in some universities, a last round as a part of selection process is a telephonic or video interview using WebEx or Skype platform.

Any additional or updated requirements should be made clear by the respective university through their website or information on DAAD Website.

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